Review Club, Anyone?

So I’ve been thinking of starting a small review club. For anything, really, but I imagine it’ll be mostly movies, since that really is the easiest thing to review quickly.

I was thinking something like this: You’ve got saturday to friday to watch and review a film. Send me the draft on or before friday at midnight, and I’ll have the post out by the following wednesday (so it’ll always be the film of last week on wednesday). And then maybe once a month, or 6 weeks we can do a book review? How does that sound?

The only rule I’d have is to not make the reviews too long, so people wouldn’t have a 10,000 word post to read every week. Maybe try for between 3 to 6 hundred words, max? I think that could work. Other than that, everything goes. I’ll take suggestions for our weekly film and monthly book all the time, and I’ll pick one at random. Or maybe I could post a list of ten films or so, then have you all vote? Yeah, I kinda like that one better.

So here are a few personal invitations: Eric, Vinnie, Abbi, Zoë, Samm, Emma, Matthew, Katherine, and Frankish.

But of course, everyone and anyone is free to join. Even if they aren’t following me, you can ask friends to join if you like. The more the merrier đŸ™‚