Mel’s 5 Second Review: Half Light

Half Light
(2005) Demi Moore, Hans Matheson, James Cosmo, Henry Ian Cusick, Kate Isitt and Therese Bradley


Demi Moore suffers from Keanu-Reeves-syndrome in this film. Meaning, of course, that she wears pretty much the same expression throughout the whole film, whether she’s falling in love, or finding her son’s dead body. The plot is interesting, if a little too convoluted for it’s own good. What’s real? What’s imagined? Are there actual ghosts? Is she insane? Is everyone plotting against her? There’s an answer for everything, but my goodness does it tire you out. In the end, I think there was just too much going on for me to enjoy it completely. It gets an all right 6/10.

This film is currently streaming on Netflix.



Mel’s 5 Second Review: Hawking and Alien Planet

I missed a day (or two) of my reviews so today I’ll do two, just to catch up a bit, hehe.

(2004) Benedict Cumberbatch, Lisa Dillon, Tom Ward, John Sessions, Peter Firth and Phoebe Nicholls


A wonderful little film that I found quite by accident on YouTube. I was showing my husband something on Stephen Hawking when, much to my surprise and joy, I found this film starring Benedict Cumberbatch, who I absolutely adore. And he knocked it out of the park with this one. His acting was out of this world. I totally believed his performance. The film on the whole was very good, only one part was a little laggy, the rest was wonderful. A solid 8.5/10.

I’m not sure if the film is on Netflix. but here’s the whole thing from YouTube.


Alien Planet
(2005) John C McGinley (v.o.), Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, George Lucas, Wayne D Barlowe and Curtis Clark


Pretty darn cool “what if” scenario to what we would find on an Earth-like planet, Darwin IV. Everything in the film that has to do with the travel and the planet itself is made with awesome CGI, and features “real interviews” with scientists who are working on the actual project, but who were asked to act as if the project were already under-way and successful. It’s really cool. 9.5/10, great fun.

The film is currently streaming on Netflix, and there’s a full version on YouTube.


Enjoy! And I’ll try to not skip any more days, hehe.


Mel’s 5 Second Review: Paradise

(2013) Julianne Hough, Russell Brand, Octavia Spencer, Nick Offerman and Holly Hunter


I wanted to like this, but in the end it was just too talky and preachy for me. It had a few really good scenes, and one or two really bad scenes, which just turn it into a really average movie. And as someone with a chronic illness who has to take a lot of medication in a day, the way they treated her need for the meds and the way they had her “just decide” that she didn’t need them any more was dumb and offensive. Just because you’ve had a life epiphany does not mean that all of a sudden you won’t need your meds any more. And giving that impression is stupid and dangerous. But anyways… I did love Russell Brand, though, as usual. 6/10, just for him.

The film is currently streaming on Netflix.



Mel’s 5 Second Review: The Paperboy

The Paperboy
(2012) Matthew McConnaughey, Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, John Cusack, David Oyelowo and Scott Glenn


I guess with the cast this film boasts, I was expecting too much from it. It was superbly acted, as I knew it would be (John Cusack is one of my favourite actors), but the film itself is over-long (or rather, it feels over-long even though it isn’t really, clocking in at 1h46) and dull and transparent at times. I have to admit though, I was disturbed by John Cusack’s character, as I guess we’re supposed to be. But I’m so used to seeing him as a good guy, this was very unsettling. 6/10

The film is currently streaming on Netflix, if you’re interested in seeing it. A word of warning: it’s very brutal. The sex/rape scene was especially uncomfortable to watch. But here’s the trailer, in case my warning interested you instead of deter you: