About Me; or, My Life in Pictures

So, this is me. Hi.


My name is Melanie. Nice to meet you.

I’ve got a boyfriend named Chris, and a 12 year old named Gabriel.


Chris and I have been together for about 6 years. This is my favourite photo of us, even though it was taken before we were an item.


12 years ago, I was blessed with a teeny tiny human. Who knew they came in such a small format!

bb gab

He’s not quite so little anymore, though…


And to celebrate his birth, I went and had this done not long after I’d stopped breast feeding.


About 14 years ago, now, I slowly started to get sick. I saw countless doctors, went through countless tests. After almost a year of this, I finally was able to see someone who figured out what was going on. The news wasn’t good.


And because just one auto-immune disease wasn’t enough, about 3 years later, after so many treatments were tried and failed, my doctor gave me a second diagnosis: fibromyalgia. Years passed, depression came, went, and came again. Then more bad news: Crohn’s. And then: severe psoriasis. My body was giving up on me.

In better news, my doctors seem to have finally found the right medication, not only to help ease the pain, but to help with my depression, which was rather (very) severe. It’s a bit sad that I needed medication to do so, but I’ve re-found the joy in life. Doing things with my son has become fun again, and not a painful chore.


Because of the illness, I can’t do a lot of day to day stuff. Even relatively simple stuff like emptying and refilling the dishwasher can set off a flare that will cause pain for hours afterwards. I’ve finally had to resign myself to relying on my bf and his mom for help around the house, but that’s just another thing to add to the growing list of things that make me feel about as useful as this cat:


But life hasn’t always been so calm and unfortunately illness filled. In my early 20’s, I was a dancer and an alternative model. I did photoshoots and fashion shows regularly.


I also used to love to go out dancing. I’d go sometimes up to 4 or 5 times a week! 


So that’s a quick run through of the world of me. Check my blog out for a closer view of what’s inside my brain, hehe.


22 comments on “About Me; or, My Life in Pictures

  1. Dear Melanie:

    Just came across your site, and I must tell you how much I truly enjoy it; I too Love Horror movies. . .just to date me, when I was six or seven, my Mother used to take me to the first run theatrical showings of Vincent Price/ Boris Karloff films { so many Awesome Roger Corman and Hammer Film Classics–Love them all }. From my Grandmother, I received my intense Passion for Classical Music, Love of art, my Overwhelming Passion for all things GERMAN and SCOTTISH; from my Mother, chocolate, good gastronomical delights. . .and Horror/Thriller/Suspense/Film Noir movies!
    I remember when at twenty–seven, I first saw ” The Exorcist “–blew me Away, and still today, truly Spooks the H_ _ _ out of me. So many of your fifty favorites grabs me as well! I’m a huge Gerard Butler, Donald Pleasence, Roddy MacDowall fan so their films are definitely on my list of favorites!
    Well, Melanie, was great to expound–but I’ll close now. Be anxious to see your next list, take care of yourself have a good day,
    Best To You,
    Robert the Wallace
    P.S. Have you seen this fun spooky { even if dated } Flick: ” Superstition “? I found it quite entertaining!

    • Thank you so much! It makes me happy to see others who enjoy my posts as much as I’ve been writing them.

      I haven’t seen Superstition yet, but it’s in my dvd collection, so I’ll get around to it eventually!! hehe

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  3. That was one of the best About Me pages I’ve ever read and please don’t think I’m just saying that to be kind, it was really, really interesting and moving. I was transfixed. Gabriel is very cute! I love that pic of you both giggling in the bathroom!

    • Aw, thanks so much! I put lots of thought about what I put in there, hehe.

      I was trying to cut his hair, and he said I was tickling him and wouldn’t stop laughing and giggling. He’s got an infectious laugh, so I couldn’t get mad at him, hehehe.

      • It read very well and the pictures were brilliant, I really did feel as though I was following your life.

        It’s a lovely photo!! Natural, fun pictures are always so lovely. Plus…he’s a cutie pie!!!! 🙂

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    • I’m so sorry I never posted the last Review Club. I’ve been very meh lately, and can’t seem to get myself to write anything these days. Even answering comments has been hard. So I’m taking a blogging break, and I’ll try coming back to it later. Thank you for every post submitted for Review Club, it was great fun!

  9. I followed your link after seeing your post about Jason London.after just having seen ‘Awaken’.Anyway I read your ‘where are they now’ then your home page.
    I was moved by your life story and love that you invest time and energy in a blog like this.Thank you.You’re an inspiration …

  10. Hey there – I don’t know if you still check this place or not but I’m an old friend of yours from a long blog time ago – I finally found a link to your site – I used to go by another name and was the Shitfest guy anyway – hi!

      • Hi! Oh I’m doing good -how are you??

        That old blog got too full of trolls and crap so I quit it. I’m trying to keep a lower profile with this one. It’s so great to hear from you!

        • So I’m trying to get back into it again by writing a new post… wtf did they do??? This new writer is damn near unusable! I can’t get my posts to look like they used to. There’s double spacing I can’t get rid of, there’s these weird “blocks”… I have no idea what’s going on.

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