5 comments on “The Movie for Review Club #7 Is….


    You know I love you and you are my FF but I have NO desire to see this thing. With my schedule (I don’t know if you look at my blog much any longer) I’m looking for a new job and might skip this round : )


    • Hehehe, I thought you might not like this. It’s all good, I won’t make you sit through it.

      Of course I still look at your blog! I know I haven’t been very present this week, though, and I’m sorry I missed the Shitfest Social this afternoon 😦
      I’ve been having a rough week, it’s been humid as all hell, and like a person with arthritis, lupus makes the body scream when it’s extra humid. Typing hurts like a bitch. But I will get Review Club #6 up today, even if it kills me!


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