Mel’s 5 Second TV Review: Wildest Series

wildest-africawildest indiawildest latin americawildest arcticwildest islandswildest indochinawildest middle east

All narrated by Paul McGann, except Africa, narrated by Andrew Lincoln

I loved this whole series. Andrew Lincoln was alright as narrator, but I’m so glad that they decided to go with Paul McGann afterwards, his voice is perfect. He was the 8th Doctor! So I get a little more geekiness added as a bonus, hehe. The camera work is absolutely stunning, second only to David Attenborough’s work. The animal content was all amazing, but the human stuff was sometimes a little boring, and downright infuriating in some parts. Watching a human knock a baby baboon off a cliff with a rock while it’s family looks on with obvious grief is NOT my idea of a good time. And it’s scenes like this one that made me give all the series except one a score of 8/10. Islands gets a 10/10. It was the first one I watched, and still the best. If you’re a fan of nature documentaries, I highly recommend this series of shows. Absolutely wonderful!

The whole series is currently streaming on Netflix US. Enjoy!


ps, The pictures are in order of release date, though they really don’t need to be watched in order.


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