Beauty Review: Pinky Paradise Circle Lenses

So I finally got my new contacts! I ordered them more than a month ago, so I’d almost forgotten that I’d bought them at all! I’d been browsing the net looking for the perfect contacts to go along with my broken doll halloween costume, because I didn’t want to wait last minute like last year and pay quadruple the amount I would buying online. So that’s how I came across this website, Pinky Paradise, claiming to be “the largest online circle lens store”, and it just so happened that they were having a pre-halloween sale! Woo! Not only did I find a perfect pair for my costume, but I also got a second pair, just cause, since they were so inexpensive!

So this is the first pair. They were the perfect shade of green that I wanted.
This is the second pair. I’d always dreamed of having purple eyes, and now I can! hehe

And here’s a picture (you only get my eyes, cause I’m flaring up hardcore today, and my face is gross >.< ):


In the photo with the flash, the purple looks very blue, but it is indeed purple when you look at it in normal light. I’m so happy at how far contact technology has come (is it technology? Whatever, you know what I mean :-p ). My eyes are very, very dark brown, almost black. I’ve been told, more than once, that they’re so dark that it’s a bit creepy, hehe. And I do like my eyes (just wish they were a bit bigger, I have wee little eyes), but I’d always wished I could wear colour contacts. But for a long time I couldn’t because they were never able to make a colour pop because my eyes are so dark, even bright ones like red. I had red ones in my early 20’s, and all you could see was a slightly red sheen. But anyways, I’m rambling on here, let’s get on with the review.

Packaging: They both arrived in the same package, a bubble-wrap-lined envelope. Inside, the contacts were in little glass jars, sealed with plastic and aluminum, and wrapped in foam and tape (very well, too. I had a hell of a time unwrapping them!) Also in the envelope, two cases to put the contacts in, one blue, one pink.
Ease of application: I had a little trouble putting them in, but I’m pretty sure that’s because I’m a little out of practice. Once I finally got the left eye done, the right took me much, much less time.
Fit: They fit well, but they are a bit large. If you look at the picture a little closer, you can see, on the green side, that there’s a sliver of my real eye colour peeking through, which might be a lot more obvious for someone with light coloured eyes, or for really contrasting colours. But, again, I’m not sure this is the manufacturer’s fault, I have really small eyes. And I’ve only just started really getting into contacts, so I’m not exactly sure what’s available in sizing. Maybe there’s a special kind of contacts for those of us with bitty eyeballs. Or maybe the pupil-hole really is too big. I’d have to try other brands to find out for sure.
Comfort: Once the itchy-and-scratchy-ness of the application process faded, they’re actually quite comfortable. I can barely feel them in. My eyes are a bit dry right now, but that’s my fault (again). I’m sitting next to a fan.
Removal: Easy as pie. Gave them the ol’ pinch and pull, and they came right out, no problem.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the website also makes prescription contacts as well, for all the colours. When you choose a style, they give you an option to write in your scrip details, and they’ll make them for you. I’d never seen that before, and, as a glasses-wearer, this was really really cool.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my purchase. And I kinda like this two-different-eyes thing I’ve got going on here. Maybe I’ll wear them like this!! hehehe

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more! đŸ™‚


3 comments on “Beauty Review: Pinky Paradise Circle Lenses

  1. Those look pretty! I’d wear color contacts if I weren’t so sensitive/afraid of things in my eyes. I hate anything close to my eyes – it’s hell in the morning when I put mascara on. xD
    But I’ve heard from many people that Pinky Paradise has been causing some blindness is cosplayers and others who wear their contacts. I don’t know much on the matter myself, but I’ve heard it from a favorite youtuber of mine and several friends who cosplay. I hope these don’t cause you any trouble. c:

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